NRI WINGS - Connecting India, Outside India

"NRI WINGS", started with a motive to provide a Community to All Indians who are living outside the motherland.

Where ever we go, we always remember and miss lot of things which otherwise we could have enjoyed, be part of it, if living in India. 

Almost, Everyday is an Occasion for some or other celebration in India but there are few grand occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day, Diwali, Holi, Makar Sankranti, Ganesh Chturthi, Navaratra and list goes on. We definitely miss if we cannot travel to India at this time. Festivals are meant to be celebrated in groups, with family members, friends and community.  


We always think and try to find out as "How to keep, our next generation in touch with our traditions, our values and feeling of being connected to India?".

We all try to do something in Individual capacity for this. But when we do things in group, it certainly makes a difference. Finding friends and making a community is time & effort taking process but it is definitely worth. 

"NRI WINGS", started with idea to help here. It aims to provide a platform where people with same thought can collaborate and make a community, without much efforts.

People in the community can share their feelings, express themselves, give/take suggestions, contribute in Charities and most importantly get the feeling of connected to motherland.